The Leadership Academy is a blended learning experience that encompasses classroom, self-study, and required participation in an Action Learning Team.  The instructional content is modeled after Dave Ulrich’s book, HR Competencies: Mastery at the Intersection of People and Business.  Dave had this comment about our program: 


Headshot_-_Dave_Ulrich.JPG“It is delightful when HR professionals invest in themselves and improve their ability to deliver value.   Too often HR spends too much time helping others and not investing in their own development.  As the business worlds dramatically changes, HR needs to adapt, learn, and grow to turn these challenges into opportunities.  The BSHRM investments in HR development are well conceived and delivered by thoughtful HR professionals who care.”

Dave U
lrich, Author, HR Competencies:  Mastery at the Intersection of People and Business.

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Updated August 20, 2014: Congratulations to the brand new 2014-2015 Class of the BSHRM Leadership Academy! Here are the professionals that have positioned themselves for dynamic career success:

Jennifer Majewski, PHR
Latanza Harrison
Carter Ard, SPHR
Patrick McDougald
Cathy Houston
Dee  Humes 
Romissa Walton
Michael Moore
Jamie Endsley, SPHR
Ron Ostenfeld, SPHR
Amanda  McCown 
Tameka  Eubanks, SPHR


Why should I apply for the BSHRM HR Leadership Academy? 

Expert Knowledge  

Our HR Leadership Academy will ensure that you have the tools to enhance your influence in your organization.  Our faculty is comprised of experienced human resource practitioners with real-world hands on experience with many of the leadership challenges that you will face as a leader. 

Quality Relationships 
Build relationships with peer level professionals with the same drive to succeed that you have. Your Leadership Academy cohort will be limited to twenty (20) professionals, which will allow you to build meaningful relationships with cohort members, faculty, guest speakers and BSHRM chapter leadership.  There is no better way to learn about building actionable relationships inside and outside of your company than experience through our HR Leadership Academy. 

HR Leadership Academy graduates that complete the program will participate in a graduation ceremony.  In addition, your manager or business partner will be made aware of your successful acceptance and completion of the program from our faculty chair and BSHRM chapter officer, Charles R. Baughman, PHR. Each class member will receive credits toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR certification renewal. Our Academy delivered 26 general HRCI credits for class members.

How will applicants be selected? 

After completing the online application, preferred applicants will be accepted based on the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum of five years exempt HR experience 
  • Currently certified or preparing for HRCI certification
  • Demonstrated desire to excel in human resources

When and where will classes meet?

The HR Leadership Academy is scheduled to run for nine months,  starting in September, with a break for holidays in the month of December.  An HR Leadership Academy event will be scheduled for mid-January. Classes will be held during the third week of each month (usually on Fridays) and will involve four hours of instructional time led by faculty members. Additional time will be required outside of classes to work on projects with your assigned action learning team. Program dates will be announced before year end 2014

What is the curriculum?

As an HR Leadership Academy class member, you can expect a variety of learning formats, including lecture, team-based and experiential activities. Class modules are based on Dave Ulrich’s world-class, award winning research and execution, include:  

  • Credible Activist
  • Operational Executor
  • Business Ally
  • Talent Manager
  • Organization Design
  • Culture and Change Steward
  • Strategy Architect

Upon graduating from the BSHRM HR Leadership Academy, you will possess the competence to: 

  • Create a roadmap for your individual long-term growth and advancement
  • Act as a credible participant in your organization’s strategy and decision making
  • Lead and implement strategic change
  • Design and implement talent management processes aligned with organizational procedures and design
  • Assess and formulate HR strategies that support business outcomes
  • Execute the operational aspects of managing people and organizations
  • Define the value chain of your organization

How do I apply?

  • Complete our online application by clicking here
  • Upon selection into the program you will be directed to make your tuition payment to ‘BSHRM’ via check or credit card. Checks are preferred\


Application deadline: August 10
Acceptance Notification: August 15
Public Announcement:  August 19
Program Kick Off: September 19
Full tuition due date: December 1 



$499.00 BSHRM Member
$599.00 non-member

Tuition fees include the cost of all course materials, facility fees and refreshments.


Contact our Co-VP's of the Leadership Academy, Lori Davis, PHR or GiGi McCarter  at academy@bshrm.org.



"As a faculty member for the BSHRM HR Leadership Academy, I wholeheartedly endorse the value of this leadership developmental experience.   I found the “students” to be highly engaged and working well as a team, and the faculty to be committed to openly sharing their knowledge.

Too often, I think, we develop our HR leadership vision solely through the lens of the company we work for, and can be lacking in a broader view of our profession’s role, impact, and diverse solutions to business challenges.

I was proud to have two of our outstanding HR professionals at my organization, Children’s Health System, graduate from the inaugural class of the Academy in 2010.   Their perspectives on the value gained should be of value to any BSHRM Chapter member as they consider enrolling in the Academy."

Doug Dean, Chief HR Officer, Children’s Health System


“The leadership academy has given me the opportunity to interact with other HR professionals in varying industries.  This has not only given me insight to other HR practices but has allowed me to bring back new and innovative ideas to CHS.  The monthly topics presented by Senior HR Professionals provided me their insight on specific topics which allowed me deepen my knowledge in these areas such as strategic management and being a credible activist for our HR department.

The BSHRM Leadership Academy was a great opportunity to continue learning about my profession with other local HR professionals and has given me another prospective when I am working at CHS. This prospective allows me to be a better HR professional for my managers and my organization.”

Lindsey Skelton, HR Consultant

“The Leadership Academy program helped me move from a tactical, routine HR practitioner to a strategic architect where I provide solid advice to help plan for future change initiatives within the organization. It opened my eyes to the higher level HR functions that we must provide in order to be considered a valuable asset within the company.  I think I have become a more valuable HR professional as I am able to provide more strategic and well rounded services to all of my customers."

Angie Saia, HR Consultant and 2012 Leadership Academy Co-Chair