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Payroll Specialist, City of Mountain Brook, Alabama

City of Mountain Brook, Alabama
The Personnel Board of Jefferson County Alabama is dedicated to recruiting, training, and retaining the best and the brightest to work in Civil Service.

Payroll Specialist City of Mountain Brook

The City of Mountain Brook seeks a Payroll Specialist who is responsible for the coordination efforts between payroll, human resources and finance departments to ensure the proper flow of employees bi-weekly or monthly payroll; including preparing detail reports regarding overtime payment, leave balances, retirement contributions, etc.

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Typical Responsibilities are:

Maintains and processes documents related to employees pay, benefits and compensated leave.

Maintains and processes documents related to employees pension.

Ensures the appropriate amount of funds for taxes, benefit payments and other expenses are deducted from employees paychecks and sent to the appropriate recipients.

Prepares, updates and maintains electronic and paper personnel records for the jurisdiction, such as Personnel Actions (PAs) and performance evaluations.

Provides information about the jurisdictions personnel policies, programs, benefits and employees to internal and external entities when appropriate requests for information are received.

Conducts orientation meetings for new employees by providing important information about pay and benefits to the new employees and assisting them with the completion of various paperwork.

Prepares and submits reports to appropriate organizations (IRS, State of Alabama) to comply with employment regulations.